If you are planning to become a ballroom dance teacher, I can help you prepare to take your AMDF (Académie des Maîtres de Danse de France) – WDC (World Dance Council) examinations in standard dances (Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slowfox and Quickstep) and Latin dances (Chachacha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive).

The content of this course focuses on:

  • Learning both roles i.e lead and follow.
  • Maintaining the body’s level of fitness and its mechanisms.
  • The characteristics and technical specificities of each dance.
  • The dance music and its structure.
  • Presenting and designing group classes.
  • Specific ballroom dancing teaching methods.
  • Improving your personal progress.
  • Preparing your future career and building self-confidence.

This training is delivered in the form of private classes:

AMDF prices are applied. Funding may be obtained from training organisations.

Once you have passed your examination, you will be awarded a diploma from an internationally recognised organisation.

Four training levels:

TEST d’Aptitude (aptitude test)

CAPAD: Certificat d’Aptitude Formation professionnelle d’Assistant de Danses de couple (certificate of professional competence in ballroom dancing)

BEPD: Brevet Professionnel d’Enseignement de Danse de Couple (professional certificate for teaching ballroom dancing)

MPDC: Maîtrise Professionnelle de Danse en Couple (professional expertise in ballroom dancing)